Freshly roasted in Shropshire


Our ethos is that everything we do at Venoza Coffee is about the flavour in the cup.

Well crafted coffee begins with carefully selected high quality coffees, cupping (tasting) many samples from the worlds renowned coffee growing regions and from some of the best coffee farms in the world.

World class coffee also depends on the execution of roasting, combining the qualities of the purest of roasting traditions, quality German PROBAT roasting equipment and modern technology creating sweet, smooth and full-bodied blends and beautiful, distinctive single origin coffees.

All blends available from Venoza Coffee are coffees that express their unique region, variety, careful harvesting and terroir in every cup.

Some of the best coffee is experienced from blending specialty grade coffees from the regions of the world with unique varietals and process methods to create blends that are balanced, complex and aromatic.

Freshness is essential for quality coffee and for extracting the perfect espresso. Our coffee is roasted every Tuesday and Thursday to ensure maximum freshness.


Freshness is paramount. Whole coffee beans will remain fresh for a long period of time if kept sealed. Once opened the beans will remain fresh for approximately 10 days under normal storage conditions.

Coffee beans are best stored in a cool dark place in a sealed container. Resist the 'old school' coffee storage idea of refrigerating or freezing your coffee as coffee absorbs moisture and this will affect the flavour of your coffee.

Once coffee is ground it begins to deteriorate immediately. Whether you are making espresso, plunger of filter coffee, you should always grind beans immediately before brewing. Freshly ground tastes better every time, whatever the brew method.

Our coffee is stamped with the roast date of the beans on the back of the packaging, so you know exactly the age of your coffee and can use it at its optimum freshness.